Generations of logging

The Pinney family has been practicing sustainable forest management in the Jordan River Valley for over 100 years.

Our History

In 1870 during what is known as the “Lumber Era,” Curtis Sherwood Pinney settled with his young family in the Jordan River Valley in Antrim County where he homesteaded 160 acres of land and logged the surrounding areas.

Photo: Skidding logs, 1890

He was one of the first settlers in the area to purchase oxen, which he used to help clear the land for farming and roads, as well as harvest timber for log homes and eventually the schoolhouse where his wife Marrian taught.

Photo: Curtis Pinney, early 1900’s

Curtis’ eldest sons carried on the tradition of logging into the next century and his grandson Clayton Pinney owned and operated a local sawmill in the mid-1900s. Curtis’ great-grandson Keith Pinney founded Pinney’s Logging in 1975, and Keith’s sons Brian and Scott grew up working in the woods.

In 2014 Scott established North Woods Logging, a Pinney family business with his dad Keith invloved with the trucking of logs, and his brother Brian, cousin Kelly, and nephew Dillon producing wood.

North Woods Logging has provided exceptional, guaranteed service throughout northwestern lower Michigan. We service residential, and commercial customers and guarantee the highest standards of customer service and safety.

North Woods Logging is fully insured and always provides the safest and most secure service possible. Our team of dedicated and professional tree specialists assures courteous, timely, knowledgeable service and our equipment is both modern and extremely well maintained. No project is too small or too large for us.

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